Kenja Solutions for Telework

Kenja Rooms is an online collaboration tool that enables team members to work together regardless of location. It allows the team to be more productive as it reduces downtime. Files are stored on the cloud which can be accessed 24/7 by any user within the company who has permission to do so. The content can be edited or updated remotely which makes it quicker compared to other collaboration tools.

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Product Solutions

Online Collaboration Tool

In order to track progress efficiently, team members will receive automatic notifications when tasks are assigned to them or completed. This function eliminates the necessity to send out emails for commentating, file sharing, and tasking.


On Cloud/Premise

In order for Telework to work effectively workers must be able to access information wherever they are located. Kenja Rooms offers a secure cloud base solution in order to access information remotely.

  • Rooms can be accessed through a web-browser or installed locally on a company server, making it the ideal choice for conducting operations with no delay and maximum efficiency.


Email Integration

In order to achieve ease of use, Kenja Rooms offers signification email interrogation to their users.

  • Email inboxes are linked with Rooms. Through email a user will be able to receive task and comment notification, or report progress and completion status with out having to login to Kenja.
  • Track progress of assigned task to other group members via email.


Real-Time Computing

Kenja Rooms is the perfect tool for Telework/Remote work due to its supporting technology.

  • It allows users to access real-time video chat that ensures smooth communication regardless of location.
  • Provides live screen sharing for efficient team collaboration. Enabling user to swiftly view documents and videos while maintaining privacy and control over what is being shared.


Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Kenja Rooms can be used to assist enterprises in there Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

It is important for businesses to have an effective information management and tasking software in case of emergency to keep business flowing.

Rooms offers the following functions:

  • Transform complicating documents by turning it into a process that can be easily navigated and more visual.
  • Efficient collaboration on documents by assigning tasks and communicating by comments.