Tasking / Project Management

Our Advanced Tasking allows you to assign and track tasks from all projects on one dashboard. You can also stay on top of tasks using email reminders and progress trackers to guarantee more work gets done on time.

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Better Tasking

Advanced Tasking

Unlike email or chat, where it is often unclear of what a task is and who is responsible for it, Kenja’s advanced tasking goes into details that ensure the job gets done.

Adjust Task

With Kenja you can straightforwardly set start and end dates of tasks, multiple assignees, varying priority levels and even receive email notifications with options to update or complete the task directly from your inbox.

Compatible with Microsoft Project

Unlike simpler tasking tools on the market, Kenja Rooms is compatible with Microsoft Project, allowing for both importing and exporting into Microsoft Project formats. This means that the start date, length of assignment and critical path analysis are all part of tasks as well.

Set Progress

Rooms will aid you progress with task reminders, display percentage completion in real time status, and Gantt chart, table or list view options.


Tasking / Project Management

Spend Less Time on Emailing and More Time on Getting Things Done

Advanced Project Management

Make Content More Manageable: Rooms’ enterprise-grade project work breakdown enables you to group and sort content into projects and subprojects, with an unlimited number of subproject levels.

Different subprojects can be shared with different teams and it is possible to quickly move, copy, delete and group projects or subprojects in an easy user interface.

Ease of Use: using Rooms’ Publishing tool, users can view each project as a simple webpage. Advanced tasking allows you update tasks from email without having to log in to Rooms.

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Integrated Task Dashboard

Stay on top of work and track tasks from across all projects on one dashboard. This tracking function provides a overview of user activity, task status and activity within each Room.

Different viewing options allow you to see tasks by priority, assigned employee and due date at a glance.

Visual aids, such as graphical view of tasks by completion status, allow you to monitor progress and ensure work gets done on time.


Multiple Viewing Options

Rooms offers various task viewing options, supplying you with the freedom to choose a layout that is the most constructive for you.

You can view both the tasks you have set and the ones assigned to you, and sort them in terms of the Task's status (open, in progress, finished, overdue, not started etc.).

Various visual layout options further allow you to find a custom arrangement most suited to the way you work. These range from list to table and Gantt chart view.

Rooms comes with advanced Gantt chart features which allow you to print view, view longterm tasks, export the Gantt chart to PDF or Microsoft Project and set task subordination within the chart. This is all included within an intuitive UI allowing you to change due dates and task durations easily.


Security and Control

Advanced security options including IP whitelisting, on-premise installation, public key infrastructure, administrator panel for added security, logs of who accessed what and when, customisable activity reporting etc. are available. This matches with enterprise stringent security needs, allowing Kenja to be deployed in various industries wiith very high security requirements.

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