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Customized Candidate Search Webpage for your clients

Very Easy to create - one button creates the website.

Easy for clients to use - just click on the link

Instantly Updated - no more sending/resending with latest updates

Visual - pictures and videos of the candidates are easily added

Branded - has your company logo and can be customized exactly

Secure - set a password or require a secure ID beforelogging in



Create tasks to ensure training sections are completed

Easily load all forms of content and videos

Students can ask questions and learn collaboratively


Candidate Opportunity Webpage

Candidate gets a customized and visual website informing them of the opportunity

Customization allows for the whole candidate lifecycle: opportunity, contract, and onboarding


Search Work Flow

Set recurring tasks for processes like Candidate Onboarding/Client Onboarding, etc.

One link gives the status of the WorkFlow to outsiders

Each Department or Group shares and views their own secure data

Documents can be viewed without downloading and comments/annotations can be made directly on the document.

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