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Kenja’s external collaboration tools allow you to create a beautiful website for your clients with just an email and two clicks.

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External Collaboration

The Rooms Publishing Tool allows you to easily select multimedia content to be published into a branded and customized instant website that can be conveniently shared with an individual via a single URL link.

With Kenja, you are not limited to internal collaboration. Our unparalleled publishing tool allows you to securely publish selected content from within a Room as a website providing better client engagement.

External parties can easily track the progress of various projects through the website.



The Published Website comes with enterprise grade access security, with many security options including password protection, and email invite-only access.

You can also set passwords and other parameters to prevent unauthorized entry, and the published site is made extra secure through password/Login tracking and website analytics to check user actions.

You can enable or disable downloads from the portal, so that documents can only be viewed or commented on. In addiction, you are able to allow IP whitelisting and disable passwords to overcome potential access issues.

Rooms' unique Website Publishing enhances security by sharing documents via a private website that you have complete control over, rather than attaching files to emails or sharing via other unguarded software solutions.

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Customizable Content Publishing

Selective: Publish all or a limited selection of content from a Room. You can uncheck content you don’t want to be published an even rearrange how your content will be published.

Customized: In only a few minutes you can create an entirely customized Rooms website, branded to align with the client’s style. Choose different template options, as well as selecting a Logo, background image and colour palette, as well as other features.

Up to date: Update the same website while its in progress with document revisions and security access changes. New content that has been uploaded or changed in the Room can be easily updated to the published site.


Content Publishing

Creating and Sharing Responsive Websites Is Just One Click Away

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