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Kenja provides a complete enterprise-grade project management system. With integrated content and collaboration, there are four main benefits to using Kenja Rooms: Usability, Enterprise-Grade Project Management, Integration, Enterprise-Grade Security

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Kenja allows a user to work and interact through a simple, email-based interface. This simplicity allows for the quick control of Kenja's many features. It is easy to link with hundreds of users, using informative emails and easy web publishing

Users can view each project as a simple webpage, update tasks from emails without having to log in to Rooms, and access advanced functionality in an easy user interface.


Enterprise-Grade Project Management and Work Breakdown

Kenja has includes work breakdown, advanced task setting, critical path management, Gantt chart views.

Kenja enables you to group and sort content into projects and subprojects, with an unlimited number of subproject levels. Different subprojects can be shared with different teams and it is possible to quickly move, copy, delete and group projects or subprojects. Kenja Rooms also enables you multiple viewing formats (Gantt, list, table, etc.) to find a layout that suits you.


Integrated Collaboration and Content Management

Kenja allows users to view content, and collaborate easily with tightly integrated task management. Document-intensive processes like ITIL are particularly well suited.

Annotate content or tasks directly, easily add metadata for the context of content and view content directly from the task.


Enterprise-Grade Security and Control

Kenja offers extensive options such as on-premise installation that matches with enterprise stringent security needs. This allows Kenja to be deployed in industries which have very high security requirements, such as finance.

Advanced security options include IP whitelisting, on-premise installation, public key infrastructure, administrator panel for added security, logs of who accessed what and when, and customisable activity reporting.


Enterprise-Grade Tasking

You can set tasks based on their priority level and also assign tasks or subtasks to multiple teams/members. It is possible to set task deadlines and annotate documents directly from tasks and track each task’s progress completion.

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