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Security and Control

Using Kenja Rooms as a collaborative investment management system, you can manage your investment portfolios, marketing/portfolio staffing, documents, analytical research and traditional IT systems. Once collaborated upon, data can be delivered across rooms and made into published websites.

Kenja covers on-premise and cloud-based installations, with high-end security options available to cover protection and safety.

Configure security settings to ensures the right people are viewing the right files at the right time.


Collaborating with External Consultants and Expedite Investor Reporting Processes

Managing information can be a difficult endeavor, especially when a team spans across different functions and locations, or when deal teams are frequently traveling and working remotely.

Kenja Rooms enables you to publish a website based on any ‘Room’ instantly and securely. Easily create and share a custom portal for all the relevant parties. Investors and consultants have one website to visit which reflects the latest information they need to access. It is easy to track visits to the site, set security options to restrict unauthorized entry and enable downloads or annotations.

Kenja eliminates problems with email attachment size constraints and gives users a place to store and share project documents with an extended team. (Cloud file sync and share solutions.)

Automatic emails to alert relevant parties when specific documents require their attention and ensure nothing gets through the cracks.


Virtual Dataroom

Never fear security issues related to managing remote or mobile access to documents. Kenja lets you create permission-based roles, as well as folder and subfolders (permission adjustable) for different types of documents.

Never have issues retrieving or losing due diligence documents, since Kenja provides extensive version control. Users can see how the current document came to be, and how it differs from the versions that came before it.

Kenja allows you to maintain an audit trail, permitting the reconstruction of who did what to a document during its life in the system.


Customized Partner's Dashboard: Visualize Your Data and Supplement Numbers with Qualitative Information

Configurable partner dashboards give each user a tailored real-time view into relevant information (metrics, etc.) surrounding deal flow, target company information, and other key business processes.

Dashboards allow your management team to pick up on trends before they happen and provide greater transparency into deal pipeline, displaying status, last update, key contacts, and next steps.

Kenja also allows partners to customize dashboards to track deals through various stages from origination to due-diligence and commitment.

These dashboards can be customized so partners can all monitor the information that is important to them.


Integrations with Existing Solutions

Kenja adapts to fit organizational IT requirements. New integrations can be implemented to allow businesses to continue seamlessly. This includes salesforce reports, RelSci Profile Research, Mailchimp contact lists etc. Emails can be backed up to a central database in the form of Outlook integration.

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