Create an employee onboarding experience in which past experience and knowledge can be passed from veteran employees to the new hires making them more productive faster.

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Valuable information about on-the-job tasks is mismanaged because much instructional knowledge get lost through communication, email, or chat. If an employee joins an organization there is no instructional guideline that they can follow to get the daily tasks done.


Challenges Of Onboarding From Home

With work from home environment companies face more challenges dealing with onboarding employees. In the office setting, it was fairly easy to communicate with colleagues and managers about instructional guidelines. However, now working from home new hires find it difficult to approach veteran employees due to the fear of potential disturbance. As a result, many companies have opted to use video chat applications as a way to support them. We have noticed that video chat applications are effective in training company culture but lack in mapping out processes to get daily tasks done.


Create A Narrative Story

At Kenja, we create a platform in which the company can create a narrative story around their processes. Employee knowledge and experience will be kept in an organized way, even if they decide to move on. These are some ways in which companies use our platform to perform onboarding training.

  • Storing & managing information about the job which is normally communicated through email/chat/verbal communication.
  • On-the-job instructions that are mapped out bu veteran employees that surrounding the content.
  • Predefined task lists and automatic task notifications so new hires can get reminded of task dates.
  • Training modules created by internal top-performing employees. (Everybody wants to know the videos, books and training material top performers are using to learn)
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