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Kenja has been recognised by outside evaluation firms because we focus on three key enterprise needs: Usability, Security, Functionality

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Usability and Security

Rooms platform can be deployed to 1,000s of employees because of minimal operational requirements: simply log in, use published websites to access content, and update tasks directly from email. 90% of users do not need to learn any new software.

Kenja has passed security verification by insurance companies, telecommunications and investment banks. We offer added security options like On-Premise Deployment and IP Whitelisting.


Enterprise Functionality and Secure External Collaboration

Features required for enterprises (fully trackable tasking, Gantt charts, etc.), content management (version tracking, locking of editing and access controls), and system administration features all included. Kenja’s instant web publishing is unique to our space.

Easily implement standardized Due Diligence by creating a Rooms template with a set of questions, whilst only sharing documents with authorized and relevant domain experts. Tasks can be directly assigned on a file and tracked to ensure completion.


Task Management (Client onboarding)

Track tasks and by using Activity find a breakdown of user activity across rooms. Assign users to key shareholder dates, set follow-up activities, and set key management actions, all with Gantt chart viewing options to see a timeline of tasks.


Improving the quality of Data (Client Relationship Management)

Kenja improves data quality through ease of use. Kenja tracks all information flow, allowing for easier follow up for audit purposes, and ensures data integrity. Tasking makes sure that critical actions have a due date and responsible follow-up action.


Workforce Innovation

Kenja provides multiple tools for collaboration, allowing you to bring colleagues into a deal on voice and video call with a simple weblink; there is no software installation required. Chat allows users to interact together whilst whiteboard and document-editing tools are available.


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