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Visual Storage Folder

Think of a Room as a folder on your hard drive, storing documents, files, images and videos in an intuitive and organised manner. You can add an array of files in the same room, just as you would content in a folder.

Content is stored in a Room in the form of a tile, which is more powerful than just content within a folder.

A tile can support multi-media content including Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, images and externally-embedded videos from sites such as YouTube.


Organise With Tiles

A single tile can hold notes, multiple tasks, files and comments. Tiles or tasks can also be imported to a Room from Microsoft Project.

Tiles within a Room can be quickly added, moved, duplicated, grouped or deleted via comprehensive toolbars and/or Drag and Drop movements.

Each tile comes with a changelog, allowing you to view previous versions of the current file and making sure everyone stays up to date.


Manage your Room

Keep each Room tidy!

All your content can be further stored by dividing into units and creating multiple levels of Sub-Rooms.

The Rooms management function allows you to easily edit content, as well as instantly move, copy, delete or export a Room.

Sharing is straightforward; with a single click you can download all the files from a room or export tasks and share a Room’s content.


Controlled Access Rights

Content hierarchy

Content sharing is secure using custom security permissions for each Room and with granular control, allowing you to share a Sub-Room without giving access to the content in its Parent Room.

You can even control the role of users with access to a Room, which range from Owner or Deputy Owner (with full control over Room editing options, to Editor or Viewer (who can add or delete content or merely view content respectively).

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