Detailed Features

Kenja Rooms can be customized and applied to a variety of specific industries, and through its enhanced functionality and ability to integrate with existing software solutions can address a variety of use cases.

Simple Yet Powerful

Kenja Rooms is easy to operate, but this does not compromise its powerful functionality, meaning your employees can share files, collaborate on documents, track assigned tasks and even produce private customized assignments straight from day one.

Our combination of being both simple and powerful provides your enterprise with a sophisticated and reliable system that is the smarter way to work.


Advanced Solutions

We spent six years creating Kenja, working with larger enterprise clients from across a variety of fields to devise the best solutions to some of the industries’ most pressing collaborative issues.

Rooms can therefore be applied to a range of specific use cases, including Project Management, Training, Process Improvement (like Employee Onboarding), Business Plan Creation, Due Diligence, Recruiting, etc.



Unlike many existing management tools, which build their workplace collaboration around an individual’s personal network, Rooms is a content-centric platform.

This means, as is with business, content informs the nature of communication and work between colleagues. In this way Rooms offers larger enterprises a real solution to managing information, breaking work down in an uncomplicated way, and avoiding messy timeline-like organisation as seen in email or chat.

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