Kenja Solutions for Compliance

Compliance is an area where full visibility is required across the enterprise and across the many functions that Compliance touches. This greatly simplifies the work required to complete regulatory filings. Kenja Security is ISO 27001 certified and we have been tested and deployed in 100's of large enterprise environments.

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Product Solutions

Dashboard and Tasks for Transparency

  • Keep track of the status of employees' submissions and all the various activities in Compliance across the Enterprise. Reminders and Prioritization will keep you on track to do Regulatory Filings on time.



  • Ensure that the right documents are read and reviewed by the right staff. Our sophisticated File Sharing system allows you to give restricted access and to create records when someone reads the provided documents.


Marketing Review

  • Ensure that your marketing documents are reviewed by the compliance team before being published.


Complaint Compliance

  • Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance.
  • Streamline complaint intake for quick response.



  • Audit Plans
  • Audit Events
  • Audit Findings



  • Beyond KYC, Kenja provides a system where you can "Know Your Data". The system provides for chain of custody and visual representation of your data that allows you to make more informed decisions.


Consulting Services

  • Kenja also provides a consulting services around GRC with our specialist in each area, of course using Rooms to manage content, tasks and conversations.