Rooms has built-in support for brainstorms, instant messaging, and simultaneous document editing.

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Collaborate on Files

With Rooms you can interact with a file directly; there is no need to waste time with sending emails back and forth.

Parties can view and annotate a document, adding multiple pushpin comments on any part of the file, with no downloading required.

Each tile has its own comment stream, with edit, delete and reply functions, allowing for discussions to take place around a full range of multimedia content.


Stay on Track

All comments show the time and date in which they were added, making them easy to track.

Activities in each room are tracked to see who did what and when.

All documents have the option of version control that enables everyone to stay up-to-date with the latest version, while also being able to access all stored previous versions of a document.

You can set tasks around a specific tile or document, along with email notifications and progress tracking for successful collaboration.


Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborate with team members instantely using Kenja’s video or audio call service, seamlessly integrated into the Rooms platform.

Kenja also allows for real-time collaboration using Chat, TextPad, Whiteboard or Video Conferencing functions.

Rooms enables the discussion to continue even after the meeting has finished. Video recording allows you to keep and play back your conference whenever is necessary.

Meetings are made more effective with Textpad, which allows multiple users to simultaneously type and edit. Perfect for making team notes or typing out records of a meeting with action points, with the added ability to track any changes made in the document.

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