Kenja covers on-premise and cloud based installations to cover security and safety.

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Kenja Rooms Provides Enterprise-Grade Security Features

Higher Security Policies

Contract provides for clear content ownership by clients.

Files can be exported easily to a website or as a ZIP file.

Code placed in Escrow to ensure continuity of service.

On-premise server option available.

Options for Cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS.


Secure External Sharing

Kenja's unique Website Publishing tool allows documents to be instantly pushed to a website for secure external sharing.

We have enhanced Security features to ensure that documents shared externally via the website are protected and secure.

Ability to block some content from being published and also to have approvals for publishing.

Options for view only (no downloads) and Website tracking to see who has accessed the information and from where.

More secure than attached email documents because access can be removed at any given time. Updates and outdated files can be replaced automatically on a website.

Very Easy to Publish - just click on content and share a link with others for access.


High Security for Larger Enterprise Needs

Rooms has been designed from scratch in order to maintain the highest security levels expected by larger enterprises. We cater to companies across various industries, including the finance and healthcare sectors, which have strict security, privacy and compliance policies.

Security Features of Rooms:

Full AES 256-bit encryption/HTTPS security and internal security to PCI DSS 3.0 Standard.

Access logs for Rooms and published websites, download restrictions, password lockout/reset, administrator controls allowing you to investigate and manage users’ actions.

Higher security options: on-premise deployment, IP whitelisting (access only given from certain IP addresses), two-factor authentication.

Incremented data backup and rapid restore to allow minimum disruption in case of failure.

Software and Hardware Firewall at the computing instance and network layer prevents unauthorized access and usage, as well as DoS/DDoS attacks.

AES 256-bit encryption of data layer and file storage.

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